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Jaguar Windscreen Rubber Suppliers

Posted on 16th Apr 2015 @ 6:55 PM

It is amazing just how many rubber extrusion products are supplied to the auto industry by market leader COH-Baines rubber extrusions specialist. Having been in business for three quarters of a century there have been many changes throughout the auto industry as well as the technological developments with extruded rubber and the number of things that are made using this versatile material.

No.1 Jaguar Windscreen Rubber Suppliers 

jaguar-20185.jpgAlthough Jaguar cars have been around a little longer than COH Baines we are the leading Jaguar windscreen rubber suppliers in the business. Classic car dealers, coach builders and lovers of this World renowned name know as we do that only the best is good enough when you embark on a restoration product such as the Jaguar MK II made famous by TV detective MORSE.

The Jaguar MK II front windscreen surround is not an expensive item, but it is essential to the authenticity of a restoration and could affect end values enormously. As well as being the correct item for the job in hand, COH Baines pride themselves on the quality of all their products. So it is not surprising we are so well thought of by those needing our rubber extrusion products.

Many models from the Jaguar range have relied on COH Baines rubber extrusion products in numerous profiles from simple draught strips to more specific items like the E-type headlamp trim.

Ordering Made Easy

COH Baines have made the ordering process as simple and streamlined as they  can so that any product you order will be with you as soon as it is possible to get it there. Obviously if that is outside the UK mainland thing will take a little longer.

There is a free catalogue for you to download and view at your leisure. Products you may need on a regular basis can also be easily marked on a hard copy.