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Renovating a Morris Minor

Posted on 5th Mar 2015 @ 4:09 PM

We know that classic car renovation is not just something that professional do, which is why we here at COH Baines rubber extrusions specialist offer our product to anyone who needs them.

Many Parts for Renovating a Morris Minor

morris-80769.jpgWe have many Morris enthusiasts that return to us on a regular basis, because they know from experience that we only supply quality extruded rubber products. This could be a front windscreen surround if you are renovating a Morris Minor or the plastic chrome windscreen insert for the same project.

We know that many aspects of the Morris Minor front end are shared with the Morris Traveller so there will be rubber extrusion parts we have available that would be suitable for either of them. Rubber draught excluders with a self-grip are very popular for around the sills inside the door. There is also the draught strip for the edge of the doors that also protect from chipping if knocked against a wall or another vehicle in a confined space.

If you are lucky enough to be renovating a Morris Minor from the 1950s with a split front windscreen, we also have these very hard to find surrounds as well as the rear windscreen surrounds.

A Gold Mine for The Classic Car Enthusiast

We believe that once you have discovered what a gold mine we are to the classic car enthusiast you will not need to go anywhere else for the necessary parts. Not all rubber extrusion products are created equal and it only because we have decades of experience that we can offer the best there is.

Rubber channels, rubber block sections and plastic trims of all sizes all from the same sauce makes life much easier as this will reduce not only costs but the time it takes for you to proceed with renovating a Morris Minor. Ordering online is also a simple process and the goods will be with before you know it.