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“Many thanks for your excellent service and for the help you have given.”

Jane Robinson, (Long Furlong Community Centre, Abingdon, Oxon.)


“Just to let you know I have received the order I placed for 30 meters rubber seal on Thursday. it’s a shame other companies are not as efficient as you are.”

Mike Lewis


“Just a really big thank you for pulling out the stops on this one - we have received this and all are very impressed.”

Pauline Marshall


“The sample rubber extrusion you sent is exactly what is required.”

Charles Atkins


“What excellent service.”

Dorren Rowlands
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Aston Martin

When you hear the name Aston Martin, you think of quality, reliability and performance. These are all words that can be used to describe the products supplied by COH Baines.

Rubber Extrusions for Aston Martin Vehicles

As market leaders when it comes to the supply of rubber extrusions we are in a class of our own, which is exactly what many would say of Aston Martin. Knowing this, it is not surprising that enthusiasts that maintain, update, restore and generally keep their own Aston Martin vehicles in tip top order come to COH Baines for all the rubber extrusion products that they require.

It is not only the enthusiasts that seek out our products, craftsmen and other automotive professionals have been long-term clients. We are able to supply DX 80 composite self grip type draught excluder strips that are used on Aston Martin vehicles, which will give the same quality and assurance as other highly engineered parts.

COH Baines stock a wide variety of other rubber extrusion products that are suitable for Aston Martin vehicles and if you do not see what it is you are looking for here on theses pages you may like to download our FREE catalogue.

If you work with rubber extrusions on a regular basis or you are someone that appreciates having the right tools, we have a selection you can choose from.

COH Baines Aston Martin Range

COH Baines' Aston Martin range of rubber extrusion products are just a few of over 1700 standard dies in Rubbers, EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene and Nitrile. Browse through our range of Aston Martin Extruded rubber products and order online today for fast delivery.

Ordering is simple and safe and is backed up by the knowledge that COH Baines has more than 70 years of experience within this industry, providing quality service and reliability during the whole of that time.